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"We act as a bridge"

We are a charity dedicated to connecting the supply directly to the demand, by collecting safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over the city and deliver to those in need. The benefits are twofold — while reducing hunger, we also reduce the pressure on our city’s landfills.


About us

Founded in 2001, Foodlink Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need..


The amount of food waste arising from the commercial and industrial sectors has increased over 10 years – from less than 850 tons per day in 2007, to about 1,070 tons per day in 2019.


Food donors and partners are the lifeblood of Foodlink. They are identified according to location and the needs of the nearest recipient charity, thereby reducing transit time and ensuring freshness...

Our team

Our directors and operation teams work collaboratively and committedly toward goal of reducing food waste and "Replacing Hunger with a Smile".


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DBS 1 : 1 Matching Fund Donation Program

Food assistance for the vulnerable has never been more vital during the 5th wave. From now till 25 March 2022, for every dollar you contribute, DBS HK will match it...

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Foodlink Foundation 膳心連基金

15 hours 45 minutes ago

Children is our future, promoting sustainability is best to start with them. Thanks to Starbucks Hong Kong partners for giving back with their children on these recycling workshops♻️. They are not just educating the children about upcycling knowledge but also

Foodlink Foundation 膳心連基金

1 week 22 hours ago

意外即係意料之外,當遇上時難免會感到徬徨🤕。十分感謝惠康超級市場為一眾居住在佐敦華豐大廈大火受影響的少數族裔住戶迅速提供緊急食物援助服務🍚🍜。雖然只係簡簡單單油、米、現金劵等日常物資,但對於受惠人仕嚟講都係一份溫暖❤️。希望受影響住戶能盡早安頓下來,回復正常生活。💪 It is a bit anxious if accident happen🤕. A big thanks to 惠康超級市場 Wellcome Supermarket for the quick response supporting the affected Ethnic Minorities families from the New Lucky House conflagration🍚🍜. Although it is just a pack of rice,

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