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We are a charity dedicated to connecting the supply directly to the demand, by collecting safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over the city and deliver to those in need. The benefits are twofold — while reducing hunger, we also reduce the pressure on our city’s landfills.


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Founded in 2001, Foodlink Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need..


The amount of food waste arising from the commercial and industrial sectors has increased over 10 years – from less than 850 tons per day in 2007, to about 1,070 tons per day in 2019.


Food donors and partners are the lifeblood of Foodlink. They are identified according to location and the needs of the nearest recipient charity, thereby reducing transit time and ensuring freshness...

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Our directors and operation teams work collaboratively and committedly toward goal of reducing food waste and "Replacing Hunger with a Smile".


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DBS 1 : 1 Matching Fund Donation Program

Food assistance for the vulnerable has never been more vital during the 5th wave. From now till 25 March 2022, for every dollar you contribute, DBS HK will match it...

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Foodlink Foundation 膳心連基金

3 days 32 minutes ago

在香港,約有四分一兒童生活在貧窮線下,長期面對三餐不繼及營養不良。作為膳心連基金的伙伴機構,樂童行一直致力從多方面協助這些基層家庭兒童解決在食物上的需要。 在此感謝Permira Foundation贊助為期六星期的食物派發計劃,讓我們透過樂童行及其他機構,為有需要家庭派發營養食物福袋,以解他們燃眉之急。 It is reported that one-fourth of Hong Kong's children are living under poverty, suffering from malnutrition and underfeeding because of financial difficulties. Thank you to our NGO partners, including The Hub's team for distributing the food to

Foodlink Foundation 膳心連基金

1 month 5 days ago

【創建惜食社區,膳心坊正式營運】 整整10個月的籌備,由申請撥款、尋找舖位、設計裝修、機構協調,「膳心坊」於2023年4月25日正式營運。 一個簡單而隆重的剪綵儀式,為Foodlink在創建惜食社區的道路上,開啟新的里程碑。透過「膳心坊」項目,我們率先在貧窮人口密集社區 - 觀塘區,開設首個食物派發坊,並與超市合作,每天收集剩餘的新鮮蔬果及油糧,經「膳心坊」轉贈地區低收入家庭。盼透過提高整體剩食收集及派發量,減少剩食被棄置堆填區,並及時支援缺乏食物保障的弱勢社群。環保、解決飢困、可持續發展,三者兼容。 我們衷心感謝 Operation Santa Claus HK 愛心聖誕大行動 撥款支持這個項目,並多謝社福機構夥伴 - 友里社、明愛牛頭角社區中心及循道衛理觀塘社會服務處合力支援。我們承諾會為可持續發展繼續努力! 【Foodlink Mart - a new milestone towards a food-wise community】 After 10 months of preparation, "Foodlink Mart", a new program initiated by Foodlink Foundation, officially opened

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