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Food donors and partners are the lifeblood of Foodlink. Our partners are identified and matched according to location and the needs of the nearest recipient charity, thereby reducing transit time and ensuring freshness of the food.

Food partners keep surplus food refrigerated until collection, and strict hygiene and safety procedures are in place at every stage of the process. Scheduled pickups ensure efficiency, organisation, and minimal interruption to our partners. The food is then reheated to stringent standards by each charity’s kitchen before feeding those in need.

Hot food program

The Hot Food Program is one of Foodlink’s main programs – consisting collecting food that has already been prepared and cooked by our food donors.

Our food donors sort the surplus food into sanitised unmarked food containers, which are refrigerated until collection. Our Foodlink drivers will then pick up the food according to a predetermined schedule and swiftly deliver the collected food to our beneficiary partners, where the food is stored, reheated then served on-site to those in need.

Because all the food collected by Foodlink is generously given by our food donors at no cost, the food is also served at our recipient beneficiaries free of charge.

Bread program

Foodlink collaborates closely with many of the larger local bakery and convenience store chains to donate their unsold bread after closing for redistribution to our beneficiaries. 
Instead of having the surplus bread delivered directly to our beneficiaries by our Foodlink vans, the beneficiaries send their own staff or volunteers to the stores for pick up. Only items which do not require refrigeration and don’t contain meat or cream will be donated. The leftover bread is then redistributed to the needy for free.
The Bread Program is usually recommended to beneficiaries that may not have adequate food storage or kitchen facilities on site.

Banquet program

Hong Kong has a very strong banqueting culture, but unfortunately, this generates a lot of food waste. Quite often, the last few dishes —meat, rice and noodles— are left virtually untouched as guests are full after indulging on earlier dishes.

Working with several banqueting houses and hotels, Foodlink collects all this surplus food from banquets, weddings and other events, and delivers the food to our beneficiaries.
Our standard procedure of banquet/event pick-up is as follows:
• Communicate the logistics with all parties before the banquet/event.
• Deliver food containers on the day before the banquet/event. All food containers must be sanitized by the hotel/restaurant before any food is stored in them.

Product donations

Foodlink accepts miscellaneous product donations. These products are generously donated to us free of charge by hotels, catering companies, corporates and individuals.
These products include canned or packaged food items that are still safe to eat, but are approaching their sell-by dates, have discrepancies in their labelling, are a discontinued brand or line, are surplus stock, have damaged packaging or other factors that make the product obsolete.
All donated products are checked to ensure that they are in good condition. They are then sorted and delivered to our beneficiaries according to the needs of our beneficiaries and their service recipients.