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About FoodLink

Founded in 2001, FoodLink Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need, while simultaneously reducing food wastage in hotels and F&B outlets in Hong Kong.

  • 665t
    tonnes food saved

    We have already saved an annual average of 665 tonnes of food

  • 780kk
    pieces of bread

    This food saved includes 780 000 pieces of bread

  • 1600kk
    provided meals

    It helped to provide 1,600,000+ meals

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Currently, over 1.6 million people live below the poverty line in Hong Kong. To ensure that every needy person has access to a hot, healthy meal, every single day, we act as a bridge — a charity dedicated to connecting the supply directly to the demand, as often as possible, by collecting safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over the city and deliver to those in need. While reducing hunger we also reduce the pressure on our city’s landfills.

Each new day brings new and exciting challenges as we aim to expand the number of hot meals we can provide into every district of Hong Kong and as we continue to “Replace Hunger with a Smile”!

Our team


Mr. Chan, Bernard Charnwut,GBS, JP


Mrs. Hwang, Vanessa

Ms. Chan, Chiu Ling Ophelia, BBS       
Prof. Tam, Kwong Hang Paul       
Mr. Wu, Wei Kuo Michael       
Mr. So, Douglas
Mrs. Kwok Lee, Tin Wing Wendy
Ms. Lau, E Ling Ella
Vice Chairlady
Ms. Hwang, Robin
Executive Director
Mrs. de la Fuente Saez, Alice
Mr. Oei, Kendall
Mr. Berglind, Viktor
Dr. Tse, Sze Ming Tony
Ms. Kwok, Wai San Lesley
Ms. Leung, Jing
Legal Advisor
Mr. Ng, Chi Man, Jerman
IT Advisor

Ms. Yung, Yee Wah Aurea

Head of Operations


Source: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, Government Statistical Office
The amount of food waste arising from the commercial and industrial sectors has increased over 10 years – from less than 850 tons per day in 2007, to about 1,070 tons per day in 2019.

All three landfills in Hong Kong will soon be fully utilized.

Hunger & poverty

Awareness is the first step to solving a problem.

Hunger & poverty

Awareness is the first step to solving a problem.

40%+ income on food
Low income families spend
nearly half of their income on food.


1.3+ million poor people
1:5 people live below
the poverty line.

20% of children in hunger
These children live in low-income family and do not get 3 meals a day.
80%+ children eat unhealthy food
72% poor children eat leftover foods, 15% eat expired foods.
1:3 elderly struggle with their health
30%+ elderly live in poverty and struggle to meet basic utritional needs
Nearly two-thirds of poor households were in the state of ‘food insecurity’. They frequently suffered from hunger, simply did not eat enough or could only buy a few types of low-cost food which lead to health problems due to an unbalanced diet.

Sources: Commission on Poverty, Oxfam Hong Kong, Research from Chinese University of Hong Kong